We protect wildlife & wilderness in the Zambezi Valley. 

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Passion drives us

The Zambezi Society is driven by a passionate team working closely with local and international organisations, government authorities and with local communities.  

We're committed to initiating rapid, well-informed, and effective action to: 

  • Maintain the Zambezi River basin’s biodiversity
  • Conserve Zambezi wildernesses and promote the recognition of their values

  • Ensure that conservation is incorporated into planning for the whole Zambezi river basin

  • Encourage people to find ways of using the natural resources of the Zambezi basin without destroyed them



Working in the Zambezi Valley.

Our work is focused in the southern section of the Zambezi Valley in Zimbabwe, which is one of the world’s largest, contiguous areas of protected, unsettled, wild land set aside for natural resource conservation.


The Zambezi Valley includes: 

  • 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Victoria Falls and Mana-Sapi-Chewore)

  • 5 National Parks (Zambezi, Victoria Falls, Chizarira, Matusadona and Mana Pools)

  • 9 Safari Areas

  • The Middle Zambezi Biosphere Reserve

  • 2 Ramsar wetland sites of international importance (Victoria Falls and Mana Pools)

  • 3 important bird areas (Zambezi, Chizarira and Mana Pools)

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Key Focus Areas

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Coordination and collaboration

We act as the lead agency for a group of collaborating organisations undertaking conservation activities within the Zambezi Valley.

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Supporting Parks

We provide assistance to the Zimbabwe National Park authority in protecting the Zambezi Valley’s natural resources against poaching and illegal activities.

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Planning and Advocacy

We lobby against developments or activities that are unsuitable or damaging to the Zambezi wilderness, and promote holistic, basin-wide planning based on sound science.

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Community Engagement

We create awareness among governments, communities, schools and the public about the global value of the Zambezi Valley’s wildlife and its wild places and the need to conserve this heritage into the future. 


Protecting wilderness since 1982.

The Zambezi Society was formed in 1982 to lobby against a dam site in the Mupata Gorge which would have flooded the Zambezi Valley in the Mana Pools area.  The proposal was abandoned and Mana Pools-Sapi-Chewore was later declared a World Heritage Site.

Since then, the Zambezi Society has advocated for and delivered numerous successful conservation projects and awareness campaigns. Our work is informed by research and a deep-love and local knowledge of the Zambezi Valley.

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Get Involved

Help protect Zambezi Valley's most precious wildlife and wilderness areas by supporting the Zambezi Society's important conservation and advocacy work. 

For over 35 years the Zambezi Society has worked tirelessly to protect and promote unique wilderness areas. But our work relies almost entirely on the generosity of people like you. 

Get involved today by donating, fundraising, or even keeping informed and sharing Zambezi Society with your friends and colleagues. 

Together, we can protect the wildlife and wilderness of the Zambezi Valley.