Elephant Management Planning in the Zambezi Valley – Reports from 2015


ELEPHANT MANAGEMENT PLANNING IN THE ZAMBEZI VALLEY – REPORTS FROM 2015 The findings of the Great Elephant Census which surveyed all major elephant populations in Africa in 2014, revealed a 75% decline in the numbers of elephants in the Sebungwe Area of the Zambezi Valley south of Lake Kariba since 2001 (from 14,000 to 3,500), and a 40% decrease in the middle Zambezi Valley complex, including Mana Pools (from 18,000 to 11,500).    (See The Zambezi Society’s news item Zambezi Valley Elephants – horrific decline in numbers  - 20 August 2015)

Since then, the Zimbabwe’ Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has been working with stakeholders to develop an urgent 5-year National Elephant Plan for Zimbabwe and to map out (via a series of regional workshops) urgent anti-poaching strategies for the areas where elephants are considered to  be most vulnerable.

These deliberations have resulted in the publication of three important reports/plans of action, which are now available for download at the following links:-

Summary Report on a collaborative workshop held by ZPWMA to develop an anti-poaching strategy for Mana Pools National Park and neighbouring Safari Areas held 30 March–2 April 2015, Chirundu Safari Lodge,  Zambezi River.  (Parks & Wildlife Management Authority - 2015)

Proceedings of the Sebungwe Elephant Management Plan Workshop  held on 19-22 May 2015 at Musango Safari Camp, Kariba.  (Parks & Wildlife Management Authority – 2015)

 Zimbabwe National Elephant Management Plan 2015 – 2020    (Parks & Wildlife Management Authority – 2015)

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