Codes of Conduct for Mana Pools National Park

As a result of reported incidences of inappropriate behaviour on the part of the un-escorted walking public and certain tour operators in Mana Pools National Park, The Zambezi Society has collaborated in developing two comprehensive CODES OF CONDUCT for visitor behaviour in the Park - one for visitors to Mana Pools and one for visitors to Chitake Spring. They are available to download here:

- CODE OF CONDUCT for Mana Pools National Park

CODE OF CONDUCT for Chitake Spring

The Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority has agreed to the immediate implementation of these two agreed CODES OF CONDUCT. Meanwhile, it has assured the Society that it is putting in place strong measures to ensure that fines are strictly enforced for offenders and non-permit-holders.

Mana code combo pic
Chitake code pic

The Codes were achieved as a collaborative effort between The Zambezi Society, its supporters, members of the visiting public, the Mana Pools tour operators (LZTOA) and the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority itself.

Their implementation follows on from recent controversy over the May 2015 banning of “unguided” public walking in Mana Pools by the ZimParks Authority. The Zambezi Society reacted to the ban by conducting a Survey to gauge public reaction. The Survey attracted over 120 responses, the results showing an overwhelming call for the ban to be revisited, and a strong acceptance that enforceable CODES OF CONDUCT be put in place.

The Zambezi Society then made urgent representations to the ZimParks Authority and on 8th July 2015, “unguided” public walking in Mana Pools was reinstated with conditions.

Visitors are allowed to walk freely again in Mana Pools without a guide, on payment of a daily, per person, permit fee.All persons found walking without a permit will be fined $100.

For details see: National Parks REINSTATES ‘Unguided’ public walking in Mana Pools.

The two CODES OF CONDUCT are available to the public at entry points to Mana Pools National Park (and are downloadable as PDF files at the links above).

The Zambezi Society urges visitors to Mana Pools to recognise the privilege that has been returned to them and strongly encourage them (and the tour operators) to adhere to the principles listed in these codes at the risk of attracting heavy fines.

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