Our thanks to friends and supporters of The Zambezi Society would took the time and trouble to respond to our consultation exercise about the proposed tourism developments by Great Plains Conservation in the Sapi area of the Zambezi Valley.  (See: New Camps proposed in Sapi )


The feedback we received can be summarised as follows:-

  • Generally a positive reaction to the change of land-use in Sapi from hunting to tourism.
  • Great Plains Conservation are considered to have a generally good record of environmental responsibility
  • The possibility of this company re-introducing black rhino (as they have done in Botswana) is good news for the Zambezi Valley
  • There are concerns that Great Plains Conservation will service only the high end (international) tourism market and neglect the mid-low-end (local) market
  • Suggestions were made for the establishment by Great Plains Conservation of :-
  1. a medium-low-cost lodge for the local market e.g. at Matawatawa   and
  2. a Public Campsite somewhere along the Zambezi River within the Sapi concession.
  • Some concern was expressed about the ability of Great Plains Conservation to deal with tackling poaching in the area.  Will sufficient resources be made available?  Will Great Plains Conservation work with other (local) stakeholders?  Will they work with the active support of ZimParks?    [ZAMBEZI SOCIETY NOTE:  Great Plains Conservation have a dedicated conservation/anti-poaching co-ordinator on the ground in Sapi.  He has strenthened the organisation's  anti-poaching capacity in support of ZimParks and is ensuring full collaboration with other stakeholders in the Zambezi Valley.] 

The above feedback has been submitted to Mawenje Consultants who are responsible for the Environmental Impact Assessment for this project, as an addendum to the Zambezi Society's preliminary response which was submitted in April 2018.   

Zambezi Society