The life of a Zimbabwe National Parks ranger posted for months at a time in the harsh, hot, insect-infested conditions of the Zambezi Valley can be extremely challenging.  These men and women often risk their lives in the line of duty, protecting the nation's wildlife resources, and, while out on anti-poaching patrol face extreme conditions and gruelling physical hardships.

When they return to their remote Zambezi Valley National Park base stations, facilities are basic and there are very few "home comforts" available for them and their families to enjoy during their off-duty time.  

The Zambezi Society and some of its conservation partners are trying to provide some facilities that will make the lives of these brave men and women a bit more comfortable, and help to boost their morale.    

Kwese TV at Mana Pools.JPG

The latest project is the installation of a satellite television facility so that rangers at Mana Pools and their families are able to relax and watch their favourite TV shows and sports matches during their leisure hours.   

At the end of June 2018, the Zambezi Society organised a subscription to "Kwese" a popular local satellite TV station, and took a team of technicians to Mana to install a satellite dish, decoder and small generator. 

Kwese TV installation combo.jpg

The facility was installed temporarily in the station "library" pending the completion of a new Recreational Centre which is currently under construction and will ultimately house a range of recreational facilities, including the television.

Funding for the project is being provided by The Zambezi Elephant Fund  and Bushlife Conservancy, with a contribution from tour operators, African Bush Camps.  Further contribution pledges for the ongoing construction project have been received from Painted Dog Conservation and operators, Wilderness Safaris.

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