Well-known Southern African tourism operators Great Plains Conservation have leased the whole of the Sapi Safari Area (the central section of the Mana-Sapi-Chewore UNESCO World Heritage Site) for photographic tourism - a significant change from its former designation as a hunting area. 

The Zambezi Society, along with other stakeholders, has been asked to contribute towards the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for the development of three separate low-impact camps and a Central Service Unit base for Great Plains Conservation within their concession area.

We would like our supporters to assist us in this process.  If you know the Sapi area and are interested in contributing we would welcome your feedback.  

Sapi camps map edited.jpg

The map above shows the northern section of the Sapi Safari Area, where Great Plains Conservation proposes to develop the following:-

  • CENTRAL SERVICE UNIT - Administration base comprising 11 accommodation units, (for managers, researchers, videographers, invited guests and donors), 24 staff units, kitchen, warehouse, storage rooms, workshops, laundry, office & garages.  Powered by a generator with solar & backup batteries.  Borehole water.  
  • SEMI-PERMANENT TENTED CAMP - comprising 4 tents and a main living area, sitting on earth, overlooking the Sapi River just upstream from its confluence with the Zambezi. Solar power & lanterns.  Borehole water.
  • SEMI-PERMANENT STILTED/RAISED STARBED CAMP - comprising 4 split-level, platform wooden units, with ablutions and a main living area raised on decking overlooking the Sapi River.  This is located well inland of the Zambezi. Solar power & lanterns.  Boreholes.
  • TEMPORARY TENTED CAMP - located on the Zambezi River about mid-way between the Sapi and Chewore rivers, comprising 4 tents sitting on earth. Solar power with generator backup.  Boreholes.  Walking and canoeing activities.
Sapi CSU building and Starbed unit (artists impressions)

Sapi CSU building and Starbed unit (artists impressions)

Also proposed is the construction of additional roads and causeways to access the camps and new areas of the Greater Sapi Concession.  This will be undertaken in consultation with the ZimParks ecologist in Mana Pools.

You can download a more detailed description of the proposal as a PDF here:  EIA PROSPECTUS SAPI 2018

The Zambezi Society management has provided a preliminary response to this EIA exercise, pending the results of our wider consultation (see below).  You can see a copy of our preliminary response HERE.

Please take some time to study the location map and the development details and e-mail us your answers to the following questions, giving us your name and country of residence.

1. What are your views about the proposed camps? 
2. Do you see any negative impacts? 
3. Do you see any positive impacts? 
4. Do you have any recommendations to mitigate any negative impacts or to enhance positive ones? 
5. Any other comments/suggestions?

Please e-mail your responses to  by 4th May 2018.

Zambezi Society