Zamsoc new vehicle & rangers Mana Pools Mar 2018 2.jpg

In February 2018, The Zambezi Society was able to purchase a good quality second-hand Toyota Land-Cruiser (pictured here) with generous funding from the Elephant Crisis Fund, Virgin Unite and a private donor via the Zambezi Elephant Fund (ZEF).   
This vehicle is now stationed in Mana Pools with a dedicated driver, and is being used for deploying anti-poaching rangers throughout the Zambezi Valley.   The Zambezi Society’s previous deployment vehicle has now been moved to the new ZAVARU anti-poaching operations base for deployments in the southern part of the Mana Pools National Park. 


We are currently awaiting delivery of the above custom-made aluminium "ali-boat" which is under construction at the factory in Botswana.  It will be used to conduct regular anti-poaching patrols along the Zambezi River out of Mana Pools, with The Zambezi Society employing a dedicated coxwain.  This purchase has also been made possible through very generous funding from Virgin Unite and private donors through the Zambezi Elephant Fund.  

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