The Zambezi Society is delighted to be involved as a key stakeholder in a new management planning process for the huge Mana Pools-Sapi-Chewore World Heritage Site, funded by the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).   We attended the first management and tourism meetings in Harare in March 2018 to provide inputs to the process, and will continue to do so as the project progresses.

Tourism workshop 23 Mar 2018.JPG

This extensive World Heritage Site includes three contiguous protected areas covering a total of 676,600 ha of Zambezi landscapes incorporating the river, its flat, wide, low-lying valley with numerous tributaries, and its steep mountain escarpment edges.

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A decade ago, The Zambezi Society played a part in developing a previous General Management Plan focused exclusively on the Mana Pools National Park, and excluding the World Heritage Site's two partner Safari Areas, Sapi and Chewore.   We have long advocated for the planning process to be extended to include the entire World Heritage Site and are delighted that AWF have finally secured the funding to achieve this.

Elephant poaching, mining and unplanned tourism developments are just a few of the serious threats to the unique wildlife and wilderness values that characterize this part of the Zambezi Valley.  If Zimbabwe is to recover economically and politically in the next few years, it is vital that we have carefully-thought-out planning mechanisms in place to prevent destruction of the very values that gave this beautiful area its World Heritage status in 1984.   

This planning process sets us on the track to achieving this. 

Zambezi Society