Matusadona Anti-Poaching: ZAMSOC's role


The Zambezi Society considers poaching of fish and wildlife resources to be a MAJOR challenge in the Matusadona National Park, and we will continue to channel all possible support to the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority in addressing it.

We are also collaborating with the Matusadona Anti-Poaching Project (MAPP) and The Tashinga Initiative (TTI) to streamine the input of scarce resources towards this protection.

In March this year, the Parks and Wildlife Authority hosted a Matusadona Stakeholders Workshop which brought together MAPP, TTI, The Zambezi Society, Rhino Safari Camp (a local tour operation) and CAMPFIRE (Community natural resource management project). This set a focus for collaborative anti-poaching activities in the Matusadona National Park for the next year.

In April, with funds raised by Chisipite Junior School, The Balmain Trust, and other sources, the Society purchased this good-condition second-hand Landcruiser (pictured here) and has deployed it within the Park on loan to MAPP to assist with on-the-ground anti-poaching activities.   Meanwhile, Society personnel, working with MAPP and the Parks Authority in the field, have deployed a number of camera traps at strategic points around the Park in order to capture evidence of wildlife and human movement (see below).


Over the past two months, the anti-poaching efforts in the Matusadona have born fruit, with the arrest of a number of Zambian fish poachers and land-based elephant poachers.  We wish to congratulate MAPP, TTI, the Parks Authority and all concerned and thank them for their commitment to a task that is both dangerous and high-risk.

We would also like to thank the following for their continuing assistance:-

SAVE (Australia) - for providing camera traps (currently in use by MAPP), vehicles and financial support

REDAN Petroleum - for providing a continuous supply of fuel for our operations

KW Blasting - for providing the time and services of their mechanic, who recently spent a second week at Tashinga (Matusadona Parks HQ) repairing and servicing Parks and other stakeholder vehicles

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