CHIRUNDU: Residents consulted about planning

Chirundu ele
Chirundu ele

In previous Zambezi Society Bulletins we have reported work on progress in developing a Local Plan for Chirundu, the border-bridge town where the main Harare-Lusaka highway crosses the Zambezi River in order to improve environmental conditions and reduce the conflicts that exist between residents, truckers and wildlife.

The latest step in the process is a research project undertaken by students from the Chinhoyi University of Technology, who developed a questionnaire aimed at capturing the views of local residents of Chirundu on such topics as

  • how they would like to see their town in the future,
  • what are their attitudes towards the wildlife in the area
  • what they feel about potential new recreational/fishing opportunities suggested for the area.

The results of this questionnaire are currently being analysed at the University and The Zambezi Society looks forward to assisting the process of incorporating the results into the planning process to make Chirundu a better place for people and for wild animals.