More wildlife outreach for rural schools


This year, six new rural primary schools in remote areas have received illustrated “Endangered Wildlife” information files and other educational materials produced by The Zambezi Society's Education Officer, Mrs Leslee Maasdorp (pictured above left with one of the files).

Resupplies of these informative, illustrated teaching aids have also been provided to several schools which had previously received them, but have requested more.

Leslee is also delighted to report that that Nyamakati Primary School which is a large school of around 1500 pupils and lies to the south of the Zambezi valley wildlife areas has recently joined the Society's Wildlife Outreach Programme. The school has an enthusastic staff member who runs an active Environmental Club.

Meanwhile, primary school pupils at several National Parks stations in the Zambezi Valley continue to benefit once a year from a week's sponsored attendance at the RIFA Wilderness Educational Camp in Chirundu, where Leslee Maasdorp provides them with wildlife awareness lessons and wonderful practical experiences in the field (pictured above right).

NewsZAMSOC Reporter