We engage communities and create awareness about the value of wildlife and conservation.


Rural communities

The Zambezi Society is working with the leaders of communities and villages which border on the Zambezi’s National Park areas to create awareness of the need to conserve wildlife resources.  We are actively seeking the help of the community to find ways to combat poaching and to protect trees and habitats from destruction by unsustainable agricultural practices (e.g. curing tobacco by burning hardwoods).  We are also assisting with selected community infrastructural projects (e.g. upgrading school classrooms) and with encouraging conservation education and training of potential young rangers from the communities in these areas.


Creating awareness about the importance of wildlife and wilderness resources among schoolchildren is a long-standing activity of the Zambezi Society.  In rural areas bordering National Parks, we provide basic educational materials and run awareness activities like poster competitions to engage the interest of the children.  In urban areas, schools like Chisipite Junior have long-standing programmes encouraging children to fund-raise for the Zambezi Society’s activities to protect endangered species like rhino and elephant.

Public awareness & Social Media

The Zambezi Society creates public awareness through its website, regular newsletter mailouts and an active Social Media presence on Facebook.   It also produces occasional printed information e.g. National Park information leaflets ; Respect the Wild leaflets/posters; Code of Conduct leaflets etc



The Zambezi Society assists with occasional research projects in its area of interest – the Zambezi Valley, and keeps an historical archive of publications relating to biological and environmental  research carried out within this area.  This is a useful resource for academics and researchers.   Publications from 1998 are available online as PDF downloads.